Meaning a worthless piece of shit.

See Sherry Dawn Bennett/Swanson/Blackwell

Stans first ex-wife
What a "Beotch!
by Beach Bum 1220 December 13, 2010
1.Beotch be cool!!!
2.Where my monies at biotch!?
by Nikita, Biotch!!! August 11, 2003
eddie hill's mom
yo eddie, yo mom's a beotch
A girl or somone close to you
"Damn Dogg Yo Beotch Is fine as shit"
by Nateman12 May 23, 2003
A term often used when discussing a friend.
"Don't talk about my beotch that way"
by Dee March 02, 2003
1.Mother fucking bitch
-someone inferior to you
Get out my way you ain't nothing but a beotch
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
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