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A song with a ridicuolously addicting beat which may inspire one to break out into song or dance, more than likely on a bar top or crowded city street.


A disease/disorder which may cause confidence or possibly a zombie like trance.
"So last night was weird. Rita went all Benny and the Jets on me!"
by Cinderella7117 February 27, 2009
A Detroit area rock band, formed in 1971 - several years before Elton John's hit of the same name. Lead guitarist / singer goes by the stage name of Ben E. Jets, other personel have changed over the years. They have opened for many big name acts, and are a regular fixture in the Detriot music scene.
Benny And The Jets play all over the city.
by Old Radio Collector October 12, 2006
Tourettes - shouting out swear words without thinking first, or swearing at an inproper moment
oh god here she goes again with the Benny and the jets,
by bloodfairy April 07, 2011
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