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County seat of Marlboro County, South Carolina, aka the most GHETTO and REDNECK place on earth.There are no jobs there and the city doesn't even care about that. All they care about is that stupid Downtown that doesn't have anything but a bunch of broke down stores that no body has ever even went into. Alot smaller than Florence but way larger then Tatum. It does have a Dollar General but no Walmart cuz like I said they only care about that stupid Downtown.
Someone: Hey I was in Bennettsville yesterday.

Somebody not from Marlboro County: Bennettsville? Is that anywhere near Florence?

by someone not from Bennettsville March 12, 2009
podunk little town located near coastal SC characterized by nothing but trouble makers and skanks where nothing is located but churches and grocery stores with not even a Walmart to visit when bored.
Girl: Hey have you ever been to Bennettsville?

Boy: Why would I?
by Florefin December 05, 2008
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