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a benko is someone from the 60's, and tells everyone stories of how he led a better life then everybody in the world. They will always show videos of corporations and The Vietnam War. He/she is very awkward and makes sexual jokes as a school teacher.
"That benko just told me that he went to college for sex"

"Ya, he's fricken wierd"
by Bobgeorgecarl May 07, 2010
Benko is the combination of Benjamin and Nieko. Benjamin Ankh is the story character from the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, and Nieko (Nieko Hayer) is the aspiring actor who many fans demand get the acting part of Benjamin
TeamBenko: Heyy guys!

RMS_Benko: Hello!

Mel24: Whats with the Benko names?

TeamBenko: Seriously?

RMS_Benko: Haha you're funny Mel.
by TwiFan10 May 24, 2010