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A good bloke, usually known for his personality and looks. Has multiple groups of friends and finds himself surrounded by girls. Is not the coolest kid in town but sure comes close. Tends to flirt with girls on occasions except when in a committed relationship... Dedication and honesty all the way. A common catch-phrase may include the term 'Rawr.'
-You know Bengie?
-He's a nice bloke ay...
-Sure is. I'm jealous.
by ThatBengieKid November 02, 2010
An exotic, beautiful, powerful lady, who gets whatever she wants.
Every person I've met with the name beginning with Powerful and wanted.
by Ms Mary Mack May 03, 2005
a smelly thing from the country of bangladesh
look at that bengie, its almost as bad as salem
by Mary Mack April 20, 2005
the smelliest and ugliest thing ever seen, and has unwillingly taken a life-long vow of celibacy, and sits in front of the computer all day
ewww...... get that bengie away from me
by Mary Mack April 18, 2005
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