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Someone who is so whipped by their employer, that they bend to their every will. They go above and beyond despite it being of no personal gain, making their co workers look bad in the process .


A little bitch
Me: Lets chill before we go home

Co worker: Nah ol bend over billy has just brought down more work!

Me: What! we go home home in 10 minutes....

Co worker: I know right, what a bend over billy... cunt.
#bend #over #billy #bitch #arse
by The bfg January 14, 2015
A gay man who bends over to take it up the ass
There's a bendover Billy at the end of the bar ogling your crotch!!
#gay man #ham slammer #ass master #fungoo #tookus tagger
by FriarFruk March 16, 2011
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