The Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve. He holds the power to conduct monetary policy such as open market operations and adjusting the prime interest rates. His actions have been questionable since the inception of his term.
Ben Bernanke caused the Dow Jones to drop 350 points in one day simply be m aking a comment about the market.
by Cballznhoney April 30, 2008
Top Definition
He's a magician, a furious magician. He wants your teeth for the federal reserve, because he's cutting interest rates in half, and he needs your teeth for his lonely hearts club band.
"I need your teeth for my lonely hearts club band. Ben Bernanke. I'm a magician!"
by Count_Fuzzball January 15, 2009
Only one part of the existing financial crisis. His, and many others', decisions have put this planet's monetary system in a world of shit.
Alan Grayson: Who got the money?
Ben Bernanke: Banks in Europe and other countries.
Alan Grayson: Which banks?
Ben Bernanke: I don't know.
by October 15, 2011
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