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another name for admirable.....

Synonyms: PIMP, beloved, darling, dearest,, favorite, honey, light of one's life, loved one, object of one's affections, sweetheart, the pet, treasure, admire, cherish, delight in, esteem, exalt, fall for, flip over*, glorify, go for*, groove on, honor, idolize, prize, revere, reverence, treasure, venerate,

Antonyms: devil, jerk
Wwwwwooooooooowwwww!!!!! WAT A TRUE BELSON!!!!!!
by Jamal Timbambwe April 27, 2007
A pert little belly found on a young woman. Often found in young female students who have put on weight since attending college or university.
Oi mate check out that bird's massive belson
by LOT2009 August 23, 2009
A derogatory nickname for someone who is an idiot. It can be used as either a name or just an insult.
My uncle jumped off his motorbike, what a Belson.
by Jonny Belson August 14, 2006
man-baby; one who loves upcoming bollywood singers
that dude has so many posters of vishal on his wall and he cries these big tears of man-baby joy..what a belson!
by uncle thadd October 18, 2007
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