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A small boring ass town in North - East Ohio. Where most of the guys are either hillbilly wanna be's, farmers, wiggers, or just lame in general. Most the girls are either preppy wanna be's that party to much, whores, druggies or hang out with guys that are twice their age.

Where the coolest place to hang out is an empty parking lot where they can burn rubber in their peice of shit rice burners or junkity old trucks.
Hey lets go to Bellefontaine. If you can't get laid there then there is something wrong with you.

Wanna go for a cruise in Bellefontaine. Nothing better to do right?

Shit half the time the judges are drunk in Bellefontaine!
by Big Bird **You know** June 19, 2008
A small city in mid-west Ohio, pronounced by local residents as "Bell - fount- in." Locals entertain themselves with a late-night trip to Wal-Mart or, during the winter, by skiing the slopes at Mad River Mountain, which is a ski resort right outside of town.

When a resident wants to do something extra entertaining or out of the norm, they fill up their car with friends and head to a bigger city for something to do. Columbus, being 45 minutes to an hour eastward, is a common stomping ground for Bellefontaine residents and many residents refer to themselves to non-locals as from Columbus to avoid confusion.

Bellefontaine residents vary from hicks to preps and all those in between. The surrounding country and small villages provide the "hick" feel to the city and the large housing developments, such as Whispering Pines, bring the "suburban-wannabe" feel.

Most people who graduate from Bellefontaine High School swear to themselves that they will "get out of this town" as soon as they leave for college. If someone ends up back in Bellefontaine after high school graduation, it is probably because of the great welfare housing program Bellefontaine has or because they realize that they can become a small town star very easily.
Jim: How the hell do you pronounce your hometown? "Bell-uh-fon-tayne?"
Phil: No, you idiot. It's Bellefontaine, "Bell-fount-in." I don't understand why it's so hard for people to pronounce!

Lauren: I'm bored. Let's do something.
Sarah: Ok. Let's go screw around in Wal-Mart.
Lauren: Yeah! Ok!
by btownres March 04, 2010

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