Bellarmine College Prep is Americas future. It's student body is made up of the sons of the Bay Areas most enlightened families. It has consistenly produced world class water polo, swimming, and cross-country teams, and produces students who go on to be the cream of the crop at Harvard, Stanford, Yale etc. Plus the girls love us, weve got 60 days less school than CA public schools, the tuition is lower than most other local private schools and the experience of over 150 years has resulted in an unmatchable level of competence in our administration and policies
That guy from bellarmine is better looking, more athletic, smarter, wittier, richer, happier, better respected, more worldly, (but no where near as humble) as that lame spoiled St. Francis lancer.
by justin, man April 12, 2006
Top Definition
Short way of saying Bellarmine College Preparatory. An extremely upper-class private all-boys high school. They hold "mixers" in which they steal all the girls from my school and invite them to a dance. Many people call Bellarmine "gay", as it is an all-boys school, but what they fail to realize is that the kids from bellarmine will probably be our bosses one day. Whatever, I still hate them.
All the girls are goin' to the Bellarmine mixer fun tonight.
by Dan February 27, 2004
An all-guys Catholic high school that features liberal philosophies combined with conservative policies.
Dr. Dalton's lecture the other day about Cesar Chavez was something to think about... while I was picking up trash in the quad being caught for not shaving my face by the Tropical Cowboy.
by DoctorGrey September 29, 2004
A kickass highschool that raises some kickass men. Usually some queefbags 'round the water cooler call Bellarmine guys "gay", but we'll see whose laughing when we control whether you eat or not, bitch.
Hey lets all bow down to the Bellarmine guys!
by jeremy the c May 08, 2004
An awesome highschool, home of the Bells. Many people state it being "gay" because it is an all boys school, but they are very close with two all girl highschools, so it evens out. Plus Bellarmine kicks ass in academics and athletics.
Everyone knows that Bellarmine is the best, they just don't want to admit it, those assholes.
by arania May 17, 2004
as of my experiences, Bell boys are all small-weinered and they are terrible in bed. Half of them are fairies like me 💁
Fabio: "hey man are you going to the Bellarmine game"
Not Drew: "nah im gonna be getting the good dick from Marcos"
by MyNameIsNotDrew October 17, 2015
A co-ed, Jesuit school in Tacoma, Washington. It has started in 1928 and sits on the highest point in Tacoma. People call it a school for rich kids, but its really for those who are smart and want to learn. The Jesuits live on campus. Sports do well, academics are great.It may be called better but thats called diversity.
by Falalala,lala,la,la April 22, 2011
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