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A guy who is fallen angel but who is, in fact, an asshole. He'll charm anyone, regardless of wether they have a penis or vagina, stick their hearts in a blender, and hit 'frapee'. They are incredible kissers and are beasts in bed, but will turn around and say hurtful things. Will have a derogatory comment for each and every thing you do and belittle your existence. Will make you cry every day. Afraid of commitment and wary of children, a Beliel will bring your hopes up then SHOOT THEM DOWN. They are extrememly self-absorbed douchebags who always put themselves before their girl/boy. They think they are so incredibly sexy that they don't pants. EVER.
Girl 1: Is that Beliel? The guy walking around with no pants???

Girl 2: Yeah... He cheated on me.

Girl 1: Really? What a douche!!!
by SugarNeko November 04, 2010
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