When a chick is going down on you and you hit her ass with a tennis racket as your busting.
I gave this bitch a Belgian waffle last night.
by abu kadabi May 06, 2006
Top Definition
Tasty fucking treats.
Belgian Waffles- now THERE are some tasty little fuckers.
by Iggnacious March 09, 2006
The act of defecating on a laptop keyboard, then closing the laptop to mold the feces into the shape of a Belgian Waffle. The laptop is then left closed until someone (preferably the owner) opens the laptop to discover the waffle. This is typically performed as a final act of defiance when one's employment is terminated.

It is also simply known as a "Belgian" in corporate culture.
After Reginold was notified he would be fired for stealing office supplies, he left a Belgian Waffle on his superior's Dell waiting for him overnight.
by Professor Shitzngigglez December 23, 2008
The only known cure to prostate cancer.
It is written only BELGIAN WAFFLES can defeat cancer.

by squadala!! January 15, 2009
A sexual act where a woman lays on her back and her male sexual partner climaxes on her exposed stomach. The male sexual partner then proceeds to hock a bloody and mucus-filled loogie on top of the excreted bodily fluids. The male sexual partner provides the woman with a fork for her to enjoy the excreted bodily fluids, also known as the Belgian Waffle.
Dude, I totally gave that chick a Belgian Waffle. She ate that mess up like she was starving!
by JGTLBB February 11, 2014
your giving your guy head next to and ironing board. right before he's about to cum slap his ass with a hot iron on his cheeks.
He wanted me to give him head so i made him a special belgian waffle.
by The 88 July 06, 2008
N. - The act or process of squeezing the ass cheeks of a female you are anally fucking such that compressed shit comes out, sculpted around your cock in a scone or cone shape, flattening it out, and having the female eat it. Great with whipped cream.
"Oh, there are nuts in this Belgian Waffle. Tasty."
by G.M.H. January 16, 2010
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