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A small town in the middle of North Carolina that no one has ever heard of. Driving down the only road in the town, (Belews Creek Road) you will pass a few Baptist churches and a small, privately owned gas station with only two pumps. Tobacco fields and huntin' are popular here, and if you need to cool off in the sumertime at big ole Belews Lake, think again! The lake is too hot to swim in thanks to the power plant right around the corner! So pack up the Budweiser, rifle, and some reliable rednecks, and pitch a tent and stay awhile in Belews Creek, North Carolina! YEEEEHAW!
I was driving down the holler lookin' for the Bi-Rite in Stokesdale when I stumbled across Belews Creek.
by belewscreeknative November 27, 2005