1. (n) A group of the most jamming people ever assembled on this planet. Own the fuck out of anything that has to do with Columbus, whether it be basketball, SAT scores, girls, or general badassness.

2. (v) The act of being badass.
1. Did you go to the Belen v. Columbus game where Belen won and the pussy Columbus fans left in the fourth quater?

2. I was belening all last night.
by Urban Dictionary December 11, 2005
Top Definition
a extremly amazing girl with a awesome laugh!
A true beauty with a unique and huge heart. A very
smart girl who knows what she wants. A special girl who

can warm up your heart with her amazing personality!

A Belen has a very super awesome sense of humor and laugh! A very unique and beautiful girl is what a Belen is.

To know a Belen as a friend, you know true friendship.

1#. "Hey did you see Belen today?"
2#. "Yeah! I want to be her"
People amazing unique Belen
by Sami-D March 24, 2010
A name of spanish origin, typically given to beautiful girls who exceed at certain things. But often times think very badly of themselves, with low self esteem. Real conserved around unfamilars but a real live wire when shes comfortable. All around a great girl with a great personallity that will make you happy just by talking to her. She takes in your problems while dealing with her own. Also tends to be avid swimmers and sexy beasts. They never get to tan no matter the amount of sun they get. The name means Bethlehem, an old beautiful name passed down, through families
"Did you meet Belén?"

"The new girl? Shes quiet"

"Yeah at first, but i hung out with her and shes actually pretty cool."
by Your, mom? March 23, 2010
A nice looking pretty girl who is caring and understanding. She is also very smart and when you meet her you would be instantly attracted. She is pure and she is the closest friend you can have. She is also easygoing and go for guys that are sweet and smart.
THe truth is belen is that I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you
by An0nymous45 January 02, 2013
Belén means "stranger" in Latin.

She's a passionate lover and an amazing friend to have.
She loves furry animals, especially dogs, rabbits, and chinchillas.

She's gracious and giving, even to strangers.
Her smiling face reveals her good humor.
Her laughter is natural and genuine.
Her family enjoys her bountiful affection.
Believes the key to happiness is contentment.
She's admired for her inventive ideas.
She's always looking for adventure.
Prudent, informed, and analytical.

Oftentimes, she's a brunette with long hair, big brown eyes and light olive skin.

She loves arts and crafts, music, cooking, and traveling.
Whatever she's passionate about, she'll master.

Fashion and trendsetting are amongst her specialties.
She's never afraid to try anything new.
Belén decided she rather skydive than ride the ski jet on a sunny Saturday in the Spring.

Belén decided to dye her hair red.
by babycakes1987 October 12, 2010
A 'City' in New Mexico when actually it's a town. According to their site, in the first paragraph "Welcome to the peaceful little village of belen", while what is ironic is Belen has the highest crime rate in the entire fucking state. The only things it has in history is being the "Train capitol" of the US. Ie: All major trainways travel through Belen, and it holds the only Harvey House in NM. The people here are evil, and I mean evil. They're all Catholic, or some other christian group, and will viciously beat you or even murder you if you are anything else. New Mexico was a giant wasteland, but you haven't seen shit until you've been in new mexico. I know, I've been trapped here for 6 years. And while people arent killing eachother, may I note that all of the females here after the age of 5, are sluts, or H-I-T-S (Hookers in Training, my teacher made that up) 80% Of the people here are mexican, and the other 20% are old white men. Seriously.
White guy: What's belen?
Mexican: You racist sinner!
by rodneyalcala March 12, 2010
Shitty little town located in New Mexico. Most people there refuse to let the place grow, which causes the town to be even more shitty. The majority of the women are ghetto, ugly and solve their problems by fighting. They also draw their eyebrows on with sharpies and wear lip liner with no lipstick. Sonic is the "hang out" spot where people cruise listening to rap music, while trying to show off their piece of shit vehicle. Most people from Belen aren't very intelligent and couldn't spell if their life depended on it. Their use of grammar and punctuation is quite poor and pathetic. Don't count on having an intelligent conversation with someone from Belen, because you most likely wont. There is only a small group of intelligent people from this town and they usually don't stick around after they graduate high school.
Girl: Hey, want to go with me to a party?

Boy: Yeah sure! Where at?

Girl: In Belen.

Boy: Belen?! Fuck that shit! I have to pick my ass instead.
by OhNoYouAgain March 05, 2012

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