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He is the most intriguing man you will ever meet . Kind hearted and selfless , he will do anything for the people he cares about the most in his life . A mystery that will never be solved , he always has one surprise after another to keep you on your toes . A perfectionist at heart with two Personalities. He will love you at one moment and banish you the next . He expresses his feelings through his actions rather than words . Extremely attractive and will put together with a passion for shoes. He is independent and has a bigger and better future in mind than what society holds . Belarminis is a keeper . You are lucky and blessed to have him in your life . He is single, not taken , and not looking . Which makes you want him even more . Belarminis I love you .
Dont go Belarminis on me !
You are such a Belarminis !
by Stwavewees July 19, 2013
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