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A mean person who will lick any chicks pussy not even knowing them. A guy who doesnt know what love is and will dump any chick who doent give him a hand/blow job in the first week in a relationships. mostly a bitch but can be a totall hottie. usally long hair but is a mean person.
Girl: wow look at Belanger over there he touched my (pussy) and tits on the first date then dumped me the day after!
Boy: why would any guy wanna be like him he seems like a (asshole).
Girl: i know what a (cunt)!!
by Skrillexchick!@# December 17, 2011
One who is the most vile scum of the earth. Someone who is evil, and should be regarded as inconsequential. A downright, no good, ugly, cum guzzling cunt.
"Oh shit, here comes the Devil again."

"You mean that Belanger over there?"

"Yeah. She's the most repulsive human I've ever set my eyes on."
by 4Truth January 08, 2012

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