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Snake,thief,crook,scum bag,slouch,takes advantage, a liar, steals from friends.
You hear about Troy, he's being a tony.
by Bobby Flores February 28, 2013
There are many ways to be a Tony. You must achieve several of the ways to actually attain TP "Tony" status. These ways are listed below: be emotionally unavailable, reject any love and/or affection, don't respond to text messages with more than 2 words, say you cannot commit to any plans, seduce women and then cut them off when they fall for you, hate animals, get girls to fold your laundry, listen to 80s hair bands, hate talking about feces and/or farts, and not get close to anyone
Girl: Hey Tony, wanna see a movie this weekend? Tony:Lady, I can't commit that far in advance. Girl: (awkwardly grabs Tony's hand) Tony: What the fuck are you doing?????? Girl: oh okay, you're just being a Tony
by Hanson Kelly April 29, 2013
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