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The second largest campus of the Penn State University located in Erie, Pennsylvania. It has approximately 4,500 full-time students and of that number, 1,700 live on-campus. At Behrend there isn't much to do besides drink and make a huge mess. Behrend is known as the campus of stairs and ramps because it exists solely on uneven ground. It is also known as the campus of "cocks and balls" because of the male/female ratio; Which is ~2/1.
"I didn't get into University Park so I went to Behrend instead"

"Dude, there's always a party going on at behrend. Of course, it's also always a sausage fest."
by Man of Destiny April 10, 2007
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An obnoxiously loud angry drunk. Often passes out and wakes up pantsless not knowing where or why he is where he is.
Dude you've had enough, you're starting to get behrends
by shurts May 06, 2008
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A random person obsessed with World of Warcraft. He can be generally found doing stuff on an island while eating cheese.
You are acting like a total Behrend today.
by hitokiri0kenshin April 10, 2007
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