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A person who is kind, forgiving, merciful, faithful, and loving. Eyes like the ocean, you could get lost in them forever. A person who is tall, and has many attractive materialistic characteristics such as clothes, shoes, accessories, and money. Known as one who is raw and has not much emotion of love but has a very soft side and is filled with love for certain people, and only allowes himself to reveal that side to those he is close with and respects. A person who is the strong silent type, yet once you get to know him, the goofy side comes out. He is full of grace, very handsome, and gives the best hugs. He is tender, gentle, an incredible love maker, enduring-the best to cuddle with.
Girl #1: Hey, you know that guy Behazad?
Girl #2: OMG! Yes! He's the coolest guy ever!
Girl #1: I know right?
by AFG_Priince April 26, 2011
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