An expression in which such that when you are too lazy to explain because of the extreme length of the explanation OR to express dissatisfaction regarding an issue, object or an individual.
Beh la this work.
That guy is behaving like beh.
by behzzz March 22, 2011
A way to quickly end a conversation.
Beh can be used in almost any way.
Q. Hey, you want to help me clean my room?


Q. Did you have fun last night?
by Adrianne Daaaaaavis April 25, 2006
The Persian word for quince, an odd, apple-like fruit, which some think was the actual fruit consumed by Eve in the garden of Eden, and the "golden apples" that Heracles was tasked to retrieve.
Mmmm, that smells wonderful, what is it?
I'm making a jam from these beh.
by Mehhgarble November 03, 2010
Short for bitch. Many people say for everyday use of the word bitch.
Mom: Go clean your room hun!

You: BEH!!! Ill get to it
by l.j.w February 04, 2009
1. Expression of joy. (noun)
2. good; excellent. (adjective)
3. Word used to greet others.
1. Beh! I win.
2. That game was beh man.
3. BEH!!!
by Dane Button March 12, 2003
Expression of disappointment. Used as an alternative for bah or urgh.
"What's wrong?"
"Beh, I have to walk the dog again."
by Nanda July 10, 2006
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