a gay boy who tags along
yo, check out that begfriend
by pedro September 28, 2003
Top Definition
a beg friend is someone who: kisses arse, sucks up, compliments someone to be in their good books as it will benefit them in the present and the near future as they are losers and must do what they can to gain your friendship.
"Woodhouse, why are you such a beg friend?"
by Anonymous_07 December 29, 2007
a begfreind is someone that nobody likes.he/her tags along thinking that you will accept them with open arms and will usually will do anything to be accepted
"Get out of sight you fucking begfriend"
by Knife-Man February 02, 2006
A person who aproaches everyone they see even if they are not wanted around.
When two people are talking and a 'beg friend' joins in univitedly and a person would say "why are u a beg friend.
by tom December 01, 2003
Somebody who follows somebody around but the person they are following doesn't even like them.
Lily Allen: Hey guys!
Sarah Jessica parker: ugh
Queen Elizabeth: She's such a begfriend.
by biff98 November 11, 2011
someone who is annoying, constantly following you and just there when you don't want them to be!!!!
go away you little begfriend!
by darkfox December 02, 2003
Some one who sponges off of friends when they go out, even if they've got money and their friends don't.
George '100000 Uncles' Dodson: 'Can I borrow money for a drink mate?' 5 mins later: 'Just going to the shop to get some cigarettes'
Friend: 'Allow George, why's he such a beg friend all the time!?'
by catchmeifyacan April 01, 2009
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