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"Why did you just do that?"
Used as a responce, or used as an explination.

Often confused with the word BECAUSE, befuckingcuz Because is a word only children use.
BEFUCKINGCUZ is a slang term used by todays 'young folk'.

Most commonly used around good friends enjoying a bowl of wheates or watching the Super Bowl (go pack go!).
All in all, you ask; "Why should we use this word?"
and the answer to that is....
Female #1: "why the fuck did you write this on the 'people who love Wheates' page instead of its actual facebook? your so retarded sometimes.. i swear. lmao.

Female #2: "um befuckingcuz i fucking wanted to bitch.
screw u asshole."
by Shablard Lardass Gardner January 24, 2011
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