Its another way to call a girl a bitch. Usually used with the words "boo boo."
1st guy:"Ay, you know that girl monica?"
2nd guy:"She a boo boo beezy"
by kiki August 27, 2004
An UGly-mosterous lookin girl or a dumb B***ch
DAmn!! Look At them BEezy's over there!

Beezy's can catch fade!!!
by Sharmieka November 20, 2005
Wrong spelling for the word beezie
Note to Jeff:
"Im gonna sleep wit that beeze tonight"
by Sokel July 12, 2005
a nickname for "bowl," often associated with the following:

1. a bowl of marijuana, usually to be smoked in a pipe or bong

2. a small pipe

3. can also be used as a nickname for "bong"
1. pack a beezy
2. let's pack the beezy
3. dude, pass the beezy!
by chris hahn May 09, 2004
a huge or hella fat ass boaner
when i saw that chick i popped a beezy!
by nastynate October 07, 2003
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