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A person who could have everything and ends up with nothing.
Beetlebum, what you done
She's a gun, now what you done, Beetlebum
Get nothing done, you Beetlebum
Just get numb, now what you done, Beetlebum
by lala fox May 13, 2005

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A term coined by the band blur used to describe people who smoke heroin, particularly those addicted to the practice. The term comes from the dotted black residue left behind on tin foil sheets after use, often called "beetles", hence the phrase "chasing the beetle".
"Get nothing done you beetlebum"
by dopeheadfreeloader January 05, 2014
A person whose buttocks are flat and elongated. Usually used to demean women.
"Look at that beetlebum! She needs to lose a few pounds."
by Ryk May 16, 2005