One from the best classical composers who lived on Earth. He did most of his best work, while he was deaf, which is fantastic. The best One in my opinion is Fur Elise.
The story of the Fur Elise, is that Beethoven was about 70 years old, and he loved a girl about 17 years old. So he composed that song especially for her. Her name is Elise.
by AsTrOmArO June 09, 2005
noun, plural; slices of bread with meat gravy on them.
terry- hey, look at those slices of bread with meat gravy on them.
jerry- oh yeah, they're called beethovens my friend.
by stephen q September 06, 2009
The greatest piano player in the universe. Can/Could play the piano faster than you could say the word piano.

Also he has awesome songs, Moonlight Sonata and Beethoven 9th. His songs often get remixed, which are pretty awesome too.
Person 2: Er, no you are not...
Beethoven: LOL, IM BEETHOVEN AND I SAY I WIN, *plays piano at 600 MPH* sorry what?
by Cloud December 13, 2004
A synonym for anything you want.
"Beethoven up, this is the police."
"That shit was so Beethoven"
"Wanna go back to my place and Beethoven?"
by creeping squirrel December 07, 2009
The best composer this world has ever seen, or will ever see again, save for Mozart.
It doesn't get much better than Beethoven's 9th.
by Vyryn May 26, 2004
When you jizz in a girl's ear and then make her play piano.
Adam: Last night I did a Beethoven on a girl.
Harry: How did she play?
Adam: Horrible, almost as bad as Beethoven.
by The Sexual Spartan August 18, 2009
Most importantly, he was an emo boy. Secondly, he wrote many a badass work, being a BAMF most of his life and all. His emo-boy-est work is the "Moonlight" sonata.
Dude, Arthur's being an emo boy again and playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for his fine, bisexual girlfriend.
by JeffreyJCook October 22, 2007
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