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A drinking game known only to the most courageous of alcoholics. Beerker combines the two greatest things known to man, beer and poker, into one spectacular event. In the first round, a player can wager up to three drinks and must guess a card. To win the bet, the player's guess must be within three cards of the actual card value. If the player wins the bet, he/she chooses one opponent to consume the wagered number of drinks. If the player loses the bet, however, everyone else points and yells “Beerker!” in a demeaning manner. With each passing round the card range in which a player’s guess can be correct becomes smaller, while the minimum number of drinks increases. These round-by-round changes decrease the player's probability of a correct guess, but increase the probability of alcohol poisoning. The game ends with the infamous bonus round, in which players can wager anything humanly possible.
Player 1: "I wager 8 drinks and cutting my wrists vertically! I guess the card will be a 5!"

*Card comes up a Queen*

Everyone else: "Beerker!"
by Camden Maine May 16, 2010

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