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quitting time at work
Hey, it's beer o'clock! What is everyone still doing in the office?
by Alexandra August 19, 2004
Another way of saying "time for a drink"
Can be used at finishing time of work, at the end of a sporting event or any time that "time for a drink" would be mist appropriate
at work day's end
"righto boys, beer o'clock"
by bridgenie August 21, 2005
The time when you get off work on Friday night and head over to the bar or to a friend's house.
Finally beer o'clock! I'm heading off the bar!
by sacksmoker June 01, 2014
No matter what the actual time it is, it's time to drink.
Guy 1: What time is it? It feels like too late for another drink...

Guy 2: Glad you asked. It's Beer o'clock!

Guy 1: He got me! This guy... Alright, two more beers lovely bartender!
by Tanus August 25, 2011
Any time of the day when happy hour starts in the office. Can be any time of the day.
Oh shit, it's beer o'clock. Time to start drinking!
by Rock Strongo March 02, 2007
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