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When one cracks open so many cans of beer that his/her beer opening finger starts to hurt and throb for a few days. The pain, for the most part, usually can't be treated and it must be accepted with pride.
Doctor Robinson had to treat eighteen patients with beer finger the morning after Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Larry party fouled because he could no longer open beer with his dominant finger and spilled it by opening it with his middle finger. Poor guy had beer finger.
by L0Lfest July 17, 2008
A viable excuse for misspelling words when texting.
Sorry, I meant to say, I want to shop not sh*t. I must have Beer Finger.
by cambo37 January 16, 2010
When an individual drinks ten beers or more and applys the empty containers to his or her fingers with the intention of attemting to pick things up.
Where'd my pack of ciggarettes go, is that motherfuckin' beer fingers at it again?
by chris wells November 26, 2007

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