a drink destined to be spilled
"Oh shit someone spilled the beer."
by sillymanilly October 09, 2007
Happiness in a bottle (keg, cup, can, shoe, bowl, or any other concieved drinking vessel).
Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. - Benjamin Franklin
by Chris the dork June 21, 2005
friend, mate, pal, buddy.
alright beer!

'not at all beer, not at all!'
by neil coleman October 30, 2006
Beer is an almost white-yellow clear to a pitch black thick liquid made out of barley, hops, water, and yeast. Barley is boiled in water to turn its starches into fermentable sugars and then hops is added to bitter the beer so as to add flavor. Then the liquid is poured into a fermenter and allowed to ferment for a week or two, then its sent to a secondary fermenter to condition it and make it more drinkable. Then it is bottled and stored for a week or two in a dark area so it conditions further. Then you chill it, then crack a few open with your friends.

aking the world a shitty place to live, have some beer"
Liquid crack, game in a can, charm in a bottle.

Little Timmy had one too many beers and puked all over the sidewalk.

Timmy loves beer because it gets him laid.

Timmy drinks beer to forget about his crappy life.

God:"Sorry m
by DeathMonkey January 30, 2006
Beer has been around since the dawn of man, and just like to day, Beer has been a large part of the human mating Ritual. It has two uses, one being to help lube the joints in a females hips in order for a perfect landing. The other use is when the hip joint is well lubed but your eyes are seeing ugly.
Ah man i want to bone that chick over there, i better use some beer.
Ah man she is my only option but my eyes only see ugly, i better drink alot of beer.
by Gustave Delior February 14, 2009
Substance to sustain activity, fuel for life.
I need beer to survive.
by Snap, Crackle, and Pop November 11, 2007
Goodness in a can/bottle.
Beer..Weed..What a great combination.
by IHateNiggers March 31, 2006
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