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False enthusiasm created by a heightened sense of happiness from being inebriated.
Andrew: So bike ride Wednesday no bullshit?

Jake: Is that beer talk? lol
by D-Giggs November 04, 2015
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Beer talk is what someone says when they have had too much to drink. They slur it out, as if they were the wisest person on earth, and you had better listen to them. If you don't make it look like you are paying attention, they are liable to either cry, or want to fight. It is basically incoherent babbling that leads to nothing, means nothing, and is complete and utter BS talk.
I was so SICK of hearing him beer talk for the past few hours; I could not wait until he passed out. If I had to listen to one more minute of his crap I think I would have knocked his ass out. He wouldn't have known who hit him any way, he was so shit faced.
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010
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