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The 2-3 hours that disappear while you're out enjoying yourself in a bar and then get added on the next morning at work between 9 and 11.
"Jeez, the morning really dragged! Must be Beer Lag from last night."
by Expat Mat March 09, 2007
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The delay that occurs between thinking something and typing something after you have been drinking.

Not sure what anyone else would call it but I coined the term after getting home around midnight and attempting to post on a forum.
Thinks: 'Hello'
around about half a second to a second later the fingers type: 'Hello'
by Glen Mailer September 05, 2004
Biologic-clock disorder produced by staying awake drinking beer till late. Deduced from jet lag which is the same effect but produced by east-west long airplane travels.
Aida: Good morning Marcos, already at workplace?
Marcos: Late again, I oversleep cause I'm under the beer lag.
by Marcos Mayorga November 26, 2007

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