A beef cow and an american bison breed.
A beef cow mates with a bision.
The baby comes out its called a beefin
by If your alright with it i am October 14, 2011
A term of appreciation. Can be used in any context and/or tense
That pussy was beefin
This pussy is beefin
That pussy will be beffin
by solty March 19, 2011
When its really hot, over warm and really stuffy.
Blonde Girl in office : 'ah Man! its Beefin' in here!'
by Queen of the world Mark 2 December 24, 2009
To Beef: Beefin' or beefing in some parts of England (i.e. Leeds, Yorkshire) means crying
Don't start beefin' over that!
by Sian September 11, 2003
(pro. bee-fin)- adj. - used when describing a very shtiven action or person.
"dude, that was so beefin'!"
"that guy was beefin'."
"i was beefin' when I threw that 'nade!"
by Lune187(gabriel) July 20, 2007
Bitchin about some stupid hoe who left you.
If you are beefin let the whole world know it.
by sum faggot July 14, 2003

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