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When say a girl is sandwiched between two guys. One guy is behind her doing her doggy styleand another guy is in front of her doing her missionary.
Elize was almost going to have a beef burger from two guys the other day
by emmy dale June 06, 2006
7 9
When ham is used correctly as a substitute meat for a "hamburger".
John: "Hey Billy do you want a hamburger?"
Billy: "Hey it looks like you 're out of beef."
John: "I have ham."
Billy: "Make a beefburger."
by SirFancyPants May 31, 2011
4 0
Hamburger... but Hamburgers are NOT made out of Ham, rather Beef... Beefburger.
Hey guys lets go out, I am craving a beefburger. Lets get those beefburgers on the grill
by rabbithare April 24, 2011
8 7
A Burger made of Beef.
McDonalds sell beefburgers
by d&m August 27, 2006
0 8