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a man who doesnt discriminate who and what he has sex with minus short flashes of sober clarity. This is the last degree of pipe layer before reaching Master Piper status (see Master Piper definition). Although Master Piper gets the most pussy, the Beefchief gets way more than the average man, and is still worthy of a bow down.
see, you think you get laid a lot, but Moitozo will show you what its all about. Hes the BEEFCHIEF and you aint shit!
by thefallingdream January 19, 2010
A title given to females (or gay men) who can physically take and thoroughly enjoy many penises of large girth and length at the same time with ease.
1. Bro, Mildred blew two guys, gave one a handjob, and got nailed by two guys ALL at once! She's the ill beef chief!!

2. Dude... Bob said he never got banged by a guy before, but his asshole looked like Star Gate and he took all 10" like a champ!! He's such a lying beef chief!!!
by JRawkah May 03, 2012
a man who like's his women with lots of meat on their bones. The male version of a chubby chaser..
The man who scores with Precious will be the "Beef Chief"'s Deity.

Those Beef Cheif's like that added cushion for the pushin!
by Expeliarmus February 25, 2011
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