Something that is difficult to deal with.
What's your beef sunshine?
by Sasuke June 01, 2003
to flatulate, usually with authority
I was eating out my chica doggystyle and she beefed right in my face.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 20, 2002
Ripping a nasty smelling fart
Dude, I just beefed. It is going to be brutal
by starspree December 12, 2008
Anything or anyone in relation to weed.
Yo, Beef what's happenin?

Hey, you wanna beef?

Hey how are you?
Quite beefy actually
by Luckyducksters September 23, 2008
Beef is when u start a fight.
Whats beef? Beef is when a ___ and u can't sleep
Wake up in the morning and u can't eat
Better look both ways before u walk in the street
Yall dont wanna bump heads with a ____ like me!

by otakan February 26, 2006
Another name for a fat moron
Hey look at beef he cant even fit through the door
by The Legend Of Max December 07, 2004
1. mike ideh
2.Penguin (see def of penguin # 32 or 31)
God beef go fuck your sister!!!
by shitfaced assclown October 18, 2004

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