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(Beeruzing) A counterpart of perusing in that the difference is basically the subject matter itself. Instead of perusing, reading words, surveying or examining in detail, The Object for examine in this instance is Beer itself and entails the art of selecting the right Beer for the night at the Store, and not to exclude when one makes a custom 6 pack Choice of cultural diverse beer for taste testing. Likely a trend of Beer drinking connoisseurs.
Man: "Hey Hon i'm going grocery shopping"

Wife: "For what i did that last week?"

Man: "I ran out of beer and feel like beerusing at the local store or head to the brewhouse for a new taste, So don't wait up for me..."

Wife: "Only the finest for you my man, Your a gentleman and a scholar"

Man: " Shut your face woman, Shit is about to get real!"
by JayPhiZzle April 22, 2011
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