Slang term for one's male homosexual lover.
Is it true that Mike and Steve are bed buddies?
by volpot January 27, 2003
Top Definition
1. Your friend who you find attractive enough to sleep with yet refuse to date for some reason or another. See friend with benefits.

2. Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend who still shares your sleeping space.
1. Hey babe, I'm cold. You gonna be my bed buddy tonight?

2. Yeh Jack, I haven't been sleeping well. My fucking bed buddy has been stealing my covers, stupid twat.
by JJB-Semli March 17, 2008
Any member of one's chosen gender that makes it into that piece of furniture ordinarily used for sleeping (or, alternately BUMPIN' AND LOVIN' IN THE BED). A bed-buddy's purpose is usually sexual in nature, although s/he may also be a cuddle provider.

Often abbreviated as "BB."
She shook her head when asked if she and Alain were dating; he was simply a bed-buddy, and nothing more.
by Jess Park February 22, 2004
friends with benefits
Rachel thought Shannon and Lucas would be bed-buddies because ice-blue eyes and brown hair are irresistable.
by Hilary Duff May 02, 2004
It is sex with someone you know for a long time. Not an emotional "love" connection, just someone you care about as a friend only and it is just sex for mutual pleasure.
If you can't fuck your friends than who can you fuck a total stranger you know nothing about? Better and safer to have a bed buddy.

It is sex with a friend whom you've known and care about but not as emotional, love interest relationship. Someone that can maintain the separation of sex and being in love.

As long as both partners understand the boundaries it can provide a lifetime of fond positive memories.
Cougar, Booty call, courtesan, WILF, MILF, Lover, Mistress, Safe Sex, fuck buddy, Friends with Benefits
by Assante October 28, 2010
That friend you love so much you could spend the rrest of your life sharing life and your bed, just none of that relationship bullshit.
This is my bed buddy (insert name here).
by chutup October 24, 2014
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