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Bed Jumping is when more often then men, a woman divorces there husband and under the next two hours are in another person's bed's knocking boots(sex) and then the cycle is repeated as long as possible. The person bed Jumping is also referred to as a Bed jumper(Slut)/(prostitute). Along with Bed Jumping the word Bed stalling describes a Bed jumper who only stay's with that partner because they comfort her with loads of money.
Bed Jumping :
Guy 1: You heard about sussie?
Guy 2: Na what's she done now?
Guy 1: She Divorced Jimmy and in the next hour she and Johnny wear performing magic together in his house.
Guy 2: That girl's bed Jumping like she's in DFS!

Bed Stalling :
Guy 1: I heard sussie is sticking with this new guy Kyle
Guy 2: Have you seen his mission and how many car's he has?
Guy 1: That's why she is bed stalling then...
by The Shizzles November 16, 2013
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