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An annoying abreviation of the name Rebecca, usually heard when siblings are calling. It originated from the nickname becca, used for annoyance because it sounds like a chicken.
Although now-a-days, friends may call Rebecca's it to show affection.
Sibling: "Bec Bec, dinner's ready"
Rebecca: "It's becca"
Sibling: "Bec.. Bec"
Rebecca: "aha. No, becca"
Sibling: "OK bec bec"

Friend: "Hey bec bec"
Becca: "Do you have to?"
Friend: "What? It's mearly a sign of affection"
Becca: "Couldn't you just hug me?"
Friend: "*hugs* there you go bec bec"
Becca: "You're reaaaaaaaal funny.."
by Rebecca Craftman November 27, 2008
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