This masterpiece by Mike Judge was what made MTV worth watching. Forget TRL. Forger Real World. Forget MTV's Cribs. Beavis and Butthead was the best show on MTV. Featured two idiots and their hilariously moronic adventures, and their "reviews" of old songs.
Butthead: Hey Beavis, (uh huh huh huh) let's go toilet-paper Stewart's house (uh huh huh huh huh).
Beavis: (heh heh heh) Cool! And I wanna break something too! (heh heh heh heh)
by AYB June 11, 2003
the most kickass show ever mtv took of the air because they are wuss cock suckers that eat shit
butthead:hey beavis
beavis: what
butthead: those guys better look out for the klingons near your anus
by ottoman August 08, 2004
What was the best motherfucking show on tv, before the corporate cocksuckers at MTV took them off!
Butthead: "Shut up, Beavis!"
by zook July 04, 2005
Best cartoon ever. it proved complete and utter morons could be role models. Then the ultimate evil,MTV, took it off air. at least we still have King of the Hill...
MTV is full of bastard sellouts.
by only$19.99,less s+h December 27, 2003
Most hillarious cartoons ever. A cartoon for (mostly) metal fans where they can live out maximum stupidity. A few episodes can give you more laughs than an entire season of whatever...
I watched only like 3 episodes of Beavis and Butthead but I laughed at it more than an entire season of South Park.
by mrconfusion87 June 23, 2004
Underrated TV Show from the 90's. Proof of its influence is the fact that the titular characters' laugh is so deeply ingrained into our psyches. Uhhhhhhuhuhuh.
"Uhhhuhuhuh. He said 'tit'".
by r00fles April 24, 2003
The greatest show on Earth, and possibly the galaxy, in which two teenagers set off on a journey to try to get laid, or possibly make some money off Mr. Anderson, and in-between, they may eat nachos, listen to music, or other cool things like that.
Beavis: (heehee hee) hey Butthead (hee he) let's go masturbate in Anderson's trailer
Butthead: (huuh huh) awesome!
Beavis and Butthead: Breakin' the law! Breakin' the law!
#wow #those #guys #kick #barney's #purple #ass
by Jason A. Smith August 03, 2007
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