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A small town in the state of Michigan. It was named by Cananadins, which is what some people call Canadians. It has a lake and a Subway. Unlike another hater comment, We do not dump our fecies in the lake.
Welcome to Beaverton, Michigan!
by Jboby January 07, 2013
a small hick town with small-minded, mean people. there is never anything to do because it literally has two gas stations, three dollar stores for all the cheap people that live there, and one family owned diner. the little tiny lake there is polluted with human feces and all the kids that go to Beaverton High School wear the same boring, name-brand shit. the guys there are complete dicks while the girls tend to be complete whores.
wow this town is little and looks like crap, must be Beaverton, Michigan.
by callmename September 01, 2012