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Beautiful & Fabulous at the same time. As to describe an object.
Her dress is beautimous.
by Donna Lou August 17, 2005
amazingly wonderfulously prettifulish in a beautiful epicly wowish way.

synonym: wonderfultasticprettifulovely.
your face is beautimous
by polyhronopoulos April 19, 2010
It's beautiful and Fabulous! =]
The best things in life or the best looking things in life are beautimous! or if you dont like it Figure somthing out. =')
by Smexii April 17, 2008
Very beautiful
My eyes are the most beautimous color of blue you have ever seen.
by frogqueenie April 07, 2009
When someone is extremely attractive and better than everyone else.
Human: "Torien I really do wish that I were as beautimous as you!"
Torien: "Well it's not as easy being so beautimous as it seems. Sometimes I wish I weren't as beautimous." *flips weave and walks away*
by ElReeey September 16, 2014
When someone has a perfect beauty day - nothing is out of place. Hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories all put togheter and worn perfectly.
You are having a beautimous day! ...Or...
You are beautimous!
by MichiGurl September 03, 2008
Used to describe a situation, thing or person which is extremely positive, much like the colloquial way one says, "I'm going to hook up with Molly later" and someone says "Nice!"...beautimous replaces the nice, and is a much more extreme positive.
"I'm going to a Playboy shoot in Hawaii for spring break!"

"Beautimous, man!"
by J-Mosis March 23, 2005

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