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A term used by the paintball team XSV.It is used to to get you or your team ampted up.It means team work,relentles, and over all determination.
Beatdown City!

Go into youtube and type in XSV.Then go to "2006 Dynasty vs XSV Finals" to see a video example.
by "JJ" March 04, 2008
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1.Mythical place that is used to describe a home for the down trodden,losers,outcasts,as well as other social disasters.

2.Place where idiots,and morons are relegated to when their actions are deemed "Beatdown worthy".Here they will be pounded into submission and reformed.

3. Nickname for Wildwood,Fl
When that chick on her cell phone cut me off in the turning lane,I caught up to her at the light and took her to Beatdown City! Her phone looked great under the wheels of that semi.
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