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Not quite deathcore but a very heavy hardcore
EnemyMind, Line Of Scrimmage, Cinderblock, Bearclaw, and Bulldoze are all Beatdown Hardcore bands
by PAHC November 02, 2009
The one genre of all Core subgenres that brings people from the very Metal driven side of Deathcore and the far back traditional Hardcore scene together to rejoice in the gap that has been splitting up Hardcore and it's culture and manifests a beast of its own, continuing the thriving effort to keep the culture alive.

A very heavy form of Hardcore, usually slower than typical HxC, may be considered Down Tempo or containing elements of Down Tempo, but also containing the heaviness of Deathcore and the primitive soul of Hardcore.
In other words, Beatdown Hardcore is where Core continues to live.
Bands like xKINGx, Carried Weight, Knocked Loose, Seditionist, Desolated are all considered Beatdown Hardcore.
by ALL Core is Hardcore. December 27, 2015
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