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someone who is cheap and never has pot or money or anything and begs for everything

syn. bum
nick greenfield is a fucking beat ass
by Not a beat ass August 13, 2006
1. The act of beating one's ass, for either pleasure or punishment.
2. synimon for haul-ass, only beating ass is much faster.
3. a derogitory slur for someone with an unusually red ass.
1. guy one:Oh damn homie, you shoulda been there last night.
guy two: shit dog what happened??
guy one: i beat-ass homes.
guy two: get the fuck away from me.

2. oh shit it's the cops, time to beat-ass

3. damn son, you gotta beat ass.
by Sean C94. January 31, 2008
shitty, beat up, fucked, crappy
Get Yo' beatass car out my garage fo' I kick yo' ass
by Alex Nason June 03, 2006
shitty, crappy, nonworking
Get your beatass car out of my lawn 'fo' I kick yo' ass
by Alex Nason May 19, 2006