Canibus Sativa Indica buds sold in the continental United States on a wholesale scale by Triads gangs operating between Vancouver, Seattle, and San Fransisco, for recreational use, because it is almost useless as medical marijuana. Beasters originates as very well grown BC Bud, from British Columbia, in southwest Canada, an area that has developed in the last half-century to produce copious amounts of quickly grown dense and dank indica nugget for Canada and America's West Coast. This dank indica is shaken over screens to remove its kief in order to make hash. The Triads sell the hash for top dollar, and then treat the garbage bud to fool the buyer, and toss it over the border fence into northern washington state. The triads drive up from Frisco and pick it up in the woods, selling it as medical bud to unsuspecting teenagers all over the country. Dont try and find it, they'll shoot you...

DONT BUY BEASTERS. You are supporting gang activity, and the desecration of a totally useful medicine. Its not as bad as mersh schwag, which is grow by mexican slaves under cartel control, but its worse quality, which much degradation, and hardly any THC, or anything, but grass, left.
Like Beasters!
by Jah Rastafari420 February 27, 2011
Top Definition
Known as the "Lows of the Highs" this type of marijuana is the brick weed of Canada. Grown in mass quantities in British Columbia this marijuana is usualy striped of keif, sprayed with chems, thrown into bags, and shipped over to the U.S. where people can pay up to 40$ for 3.5g. This marijuana is NOT low grade pot compared to most of the weed going around. Though the high may be not quite as good as that from headies like sensi star and northern lights, you tend to avoid the confused, head-ache high that commercial pot gives you. If commercial weed gives you anything at all.
I smoke beasters only when there are no headies around.
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
The act of licking or eating out one's ass and or asshole. This act was invented by Todd Beaster.
1. I don't got your 20 dollars right now, but I can give you a beaster instead.

2. Did you hear about Bill? He gave Tammy a beaster, thats fucking sick dude.
by darkmeat April 17, 2005
Weed grown in Cananda (not shitty weed). The word is a hippie term coming from BC buds or weed grown in British columbia. Hence the word Beaster.
by Johnny January 29, 2003
mass produced, Canadian, indoor marijuana, that is keifed,(deprived of it's thc crystals.)
by tommy d January 31, 2003
not dank, a lesser quality of nug. Usually smells of hay
hey you got any chronic


that shit aint dank thats just some beaster
by wes March 08, 2005
Kind Bud that ships in primarily from Canada, but also comes from amateur growers. Not quite as potent as "headies" or "dank", but still very potent. Mostly indica, giving a relaxing body high. Usually grown outdoors. Somewhat bricked. Usually runs at 40 an eighth, 150 a half, 270 per ounce. Many high school and college students smoke beasters for the lower price while still being very potent.
I'm about to go pick me up a sack of beasters. I'm gonna be smokin blunts all night!
by Joeycpd15 November 19, 2008
A type of cannabis, producing a high felt more in the body rather than the head. Beasters are often cultivated in the British Columbia area, which is where the term originated (BC -> Beasters). Typically referring to the C. indica strain, beasters are usually less preferred than the head high of C. sativa (see headies). Beasters are also notorious for being excessively overpriced.
Don't waste all that cash on beasters, just throw down a little extra for some headies. You won't regret it!
by Hannah the Phish June 02, 2006
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