Taking a massive shit in a Public bathroom sink, then screaming BEASTMODE as loud as possible
I went completely BEASTMODE in that McDonald's yesterday
by thebeastMC March 02, 2014
More Intense than being extremely good at; being so good that there is a mode were you are fucking amazing; being extremely good at.
"Last night in bed with that girl, I gotta say, I was in Beastmode."
"I was in the zone with Beastmode playing that game!"
by Monkey crazy May 26, 2009
To be ridiculously good at what it is you do.
Have you seen Justin Stanley lift, fucking BEASTMODE!
by Beasto April 05, 2008
The act of rising above all obstacles with an unfathomable and incomprehensible solution and outcome. This is a given to all Directors named Shane R.
Dude, WTF, you just went all beastmode on that, you have got to be Shane!
by dBm November 10, 2014
The act of being super awesome at everything and pwning all of the competition.
Olivia went into beast mode last night at the STC cross country meet!
by Olivia's Secret Sister :) September 10, 2012
The act of being wayy to solid and stupid fast.
Reporter:"Define your attitude"
Marshawn Lynch:"Beast Mode"
by Beans18 February 11, 2009
A term used in the fragrance community to describe a fragrance that performs with extreme projection, longevity and sillage
Guy 1: Hey man I just bought Tobacco Vanille!

Guy 2: Aw man! that's awesome how long does it last?

Guy 1: Total BEAST MODE every time I wear it! 2 sprays to the chest and it filled the room! and when I got back from work at night I could still smell it really strong!

Guy 2: Man that juice really is beast mode!
by MrArcaro March 09, 2014

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