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A mix between a beard and a mustache, a circular looking style of facial hair.
Wow Ben I like your beardstache.
Your beardstache looks very nice today Ben.
by RORO6692 September 21, 2010
The greatest band on earth. Originally started at American University, this band went on to an illustrious career including three grammys, 10 VMA awards, the Nobel Prize in astrophysics, and a nickelodeon kid's choice award.
"Gandhi ain't got nothing on Beardstache"- Mahatma Gandhi
by Bradgep October 11, 2009
A mustache that wraps around your face, farther then a goatee, and continues down your chin into the neck area. Popular for guys who want to look tough.
Damn! Paul Teutel's beardstache looks likes a mullet on his face!
by Michele February 25, 2005
The mustache attached to a beard.
This guy wasn't sporting just any old bald-faced Amish beard. No, this guy had a beard with a beardstache attached.
by Silbo1975 March 24, 2010
The name given to someone who grows a beard before High School.
Patrick was given the name beardstache because of his excessive facial hair during Junior High School.
by mkorn October 25, 2007

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