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The act of intoxicating your partner, then riding them around like a pony until they pass out from drunken fatigue. Proceeding to masturbate to their naked body and finishing onto their face. Next, shave your pubic hair and place the hair onto the face covered in seamen simulating a beard.
Frank: Jillian called me this morning, she doesn't remember what happened last night, she said she woke up covered in jizz and pubes.

Charlie: Yeah I gave her the bearded pony last night, don't tell her though.

Frank: You are a god!
by SchlongJohnSilvers September 18, 2012
A gay jockey who got married to hide his alternative lifestyle.
Oh yeah, supergay. Now he's just another bearded pony.
by 4Q34EYI April 19, 2011