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When the amount of beaners (mexicans) at a given location outnumbers the amount of white people, 3-1. This term can also be used to describe a car full of beaners, or a house full of beaners.
1. I'm like the only white guy at this party, what a beanfest.
2. There's always a beanfest outside of home depot.
3. Look at how they wab-packed that car, fucking beanfest.
4. Peewee's house is a beanfest, he lives with like 12 other people in his family.
by Bean around the world September 28, 2009

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a place (such as a bar) where there is a high proportion of females to males.
Man it was a bean fest last night, there were so many girls
by lashed August 01, 2008